‘Your Order No. is |05’


‘Your Order No. is |05’ – electronic (video & audio), duration: 11mins 47secs

Description of work:

‘YOUR ORDER NUMBER is |05’ is a 12 minute audio composition with video based upon a personal interpretation of Brighton and Hove seafront, UK. The work is a culmination of over 30 hours of recorded material collected first-hand throughout the changing seasons of the seafront. The audio has been processed, edited and transformed into a stereo composition with supporting video elements. The inception of the idea is concerned with the ubiquitous tourist activity of Brighton and Hove seafront. At one time in the not too distant past Brighton had a tourist ‘season’, leaving the less than chic seafront to indigenous inhabitants of the town during the unpopular winter months. Contemporary Brighton seafront is open 24/7 where every weekend is a holiday weekend for visitors. Because of this Brighton’s seafront has become visually attention seeking with sensory overload often occurring during
the crowded summer months.

The aim of YONi05 is to present an interpretation of the phenomenon of the seafront experience but predominately through sound, as if the visitor were blind, or at the very least partially sighted. The intention is to offer the participant an aural experience that will conjure images and notions of the seafront without the hard, fast and dominating visual reinforcement of that experience.The audio content was captured first-hand and covers the gamut of human activity on the seafront as well as nature itself (the sea, the air and the elements).