‘La Marseillaise’


La Marseillaise’, duration: 6mins 12secs

Description of work:

Marseille is one of France’s most densely populated cities with all the inherent problems of urban deprivation and socio-economic issues. It is also a popular tourist destination; guide books will present a colourful, rich cultural heritage located around the old port and the 19th C streets and buildings. ‘La Marseillaise’ is a culmination of photo documentary, video recording and audio work, it is an attempt to portray a personal interpretation of contemporary Marseille. The French national anthem is an archaic embodiment of national pride and identity, it originated in Marseille as the revolutionaries marching song as they headed for the capital. The calm, soft voiced station announcements in the Gare St-Charles offered a contemporary soundtrack to a life in a city that is now three hours from Paris via TGV.