‘Fortune’ – electronic (video & audio), duration: 1min 30secs
(3 compiled sections)

Description of work:

‘Gigaset Fortune’ is a long running, simple computer programme that displays a random message from a database of quotations, the name derives from ‘fortune cookies’. The quotations are from famous people, jokes, or poetry. ‘Gigaset Fortune’ is predominantly found on UNIX systems and was created to alleviate the intensity of programming, hence it is slanted heavily towards references that resonate with programmers – to diffuse project tensions.

The historical concept of ‘fortune’ often refers to the symbolism of wheels, rotation and random chance events (‘The Wheel of Fortune’). This project is a personal response to the ‘Gigaset Fortune’ programme phenomenon.

Exhibited as part of ‘White Night‘, Lighthouse, Brighton, UK – October 2011